Steps to Recover Hacked AOL Email Account

Keeping your account safe should be the biggest priority of yours. These days’ hackers try to infiltrate the email accounts with the malware to gain access to it. 

If you have the suspicion that your account is hacked then you should immediately contact the AOL technical support number for more help. We have also created a guide for the customers to recover their hacked AOL email account.

But first, let’s take a look at how would you know that your account is hacked.

Signs that proofs your AOL is hacked

  • You’re not getting any new emails from your contacts.
  • Your contacts are receiving spam or junk mail from your email address.
  • Upon reviewing the recent activity page, you get logins from unexpected locations.
  • Your mail settings or mail info is changed without your knowledge or consent.

What to do if your AOL account is hacked

  • The first thing you should be doing is changing the password of your mail. You can do that by going into the emails settings. And make sure that this time you create a strong password that cannot be hacked forcefully.
  • Install the antivirus on your system and run a system-wide scan to flush out any malware or virus present in your system.
  • Change the security question you provided in the AOL mail settings.
  • Review the AOL mail settings and change what is necessary or what is changed without your knowledge.
  • Check display name and change it, if it contains letters like ‘AOL’, ‘A.O.L’, or ‘Aol’. Spammers or hackers may have changed it so that you cannot send an outgoing message.
  • If you are still not able to change the password or change the mail settings then you need the help of AOL phone number.

Most likely this will solve all your problems, but if you are not able to recover your account or have any issue related to AOL mail then you can call AOL help number and all your problems will be resolved. The experts will take care of all your problem via remote access and you don’t have to do anything.


How to Increase Security on AOL Account?

AOL is used at a huge level across the world. It is known to provide the best security as well as support services through AOL customer service number. Also, the AOL email services can be classified in two different versions, one is AOL desktop and other is AOL desktop Gold. Though the brand takes extra care when it comes to security, it is our responsibility to do our part with integrity.

If you are an AOL user and want to keep the account security intact, it is advisable to do the necessary things which are listed below:

Update and secure your computer

Update your system and secure your device for better use of the AT&T email client. For securing your device, follow the steps given below:

  • Regularly scan your device using a potent antivirus program to keep the malware, spyware, and virus at bay.
  • Update your operating system whether it’s Mac or Windows, and this will repair the programs, hardware, and devices. In addition, keeping the automatic update will do the task.
  • Also, updating the AOL software on your device will help.
  • Remove the plugins which are no longer in use. Clean the system registry files for better security
  • Enable the Windows firewall.

Update browser:

Most of the AOL products and services are browser based. Therefore, one must use the latest version of browser to boost the security of your AOL email client.  

Next, be aware of the plug-ins you are using as less-secure plugins can cause security issue while using AOL email services.

Change your password:

To keep the hackers away it is advisable to change your AOL email account password ona regular basis. If your account has been compromised or hacked recently, you must change the password and enable Two-factor authentication. Also, one must keep a strong password which cannot be guessed easily for protecting your account from unauthorized access.

Few additional tips:

  • Always keep private account security questions
  • Do not trust any third-party app or platform with your password
  • If you are using a public or shared computer do not forget to log out.
  • Keep clearing the browser cache, history, and cookies.

But if any unpleasant thing happens with your email account, do not hesitate to call AOL support phone number. The support services are reachable all across the clock to help the troubles users.